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Coriander Seeds


Coriander is a native of Mediterranean region, India, Morocco, the CIS countries; Hungary, Poland, Romania, Guatemala, Mexico and the USA are important countries where coriander is commercially grown.

A much grown plant in India, Coriander is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, with young plant (green shoots and leaves) used for flavoring and garnishing curries and soups and the seeds (raw or roasted) used as condiments in curry powders and seasonings.

Coriander has immense medicinal properties and its fruit is used as a condiment, in curries, in some alcoholic beverages, and as a remedy for flatulence. The plant is very effective as a diuretic to increase flow of urine and as a refrigerant to break increasing fever. The crushed and roasted seeds mixed with warm water are used to gargle in cases of thrush of the mouth. If mixed with cold water, it works as a lotion in case of conjunctivitis.

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