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Onion Powder


Generally these Dehydrated  Onions Powder available in standard size of 80-100 mash and 100-120 mash with A, B and Commercial Grades. Our products are assured to be unwanted burnt particles, also free from impurities and foreign materials.

Packing size: Two poly bag of 20/25 kgs net covered with Russian paper bag, Box Or aluminum foil packing on request 

Loading capacity : for Onion powder 14 MT in 20ft FCL & for 40ft FCL 27.5 MT (+/- 10%) 

    Color: Light Creamish White /red/yellow
    Odor: Fresh without Mild or Light Odors 
    Flavor: Pure & Pronounced. Not Hot, Typical of Onion with sweet test

    Standard quality 
    Low Bacterial quality 
    Extra Low bacterial quality 

Moisture Content 
    <5.0% Maximum 
    <3.3% Maximum (for Toasted)

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